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Healing Jesus Campaign:  Navrongo, Ghana

Tuesday 13th - Friday 16th December 2011

Day 1 - Arrival

By the grace of God, the Evangelist and his team have arrived safely this morning in Navrongo, Northern Ghana for the last Healing Jesus Campaign for the year 2011. Despite a road journey that lasted over 25 hours the team is excited to be here.

The first stop of the day was a civic reception organized by pastors of Navrongo and its neighbouring towns. After a colourful ceremony to welcome the renowned Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills, he addressed the many that had gathered. He announced that he had come with one message and one message only, that of the Gospel of Christ Jesus, the Son of God.

Shortly after the reception the evangelist and his team were escorted by the pastors to the Navropio's palace, the home of the king of Navrongo.

The evening campaign begins in a few hours on the park of University of Development Studies. There are great expectations for what God will do!!

Day 1 - Evening

The park of the University of Development Studies in Navrongo, Northern Ghana was packed and alive with an expectant crowd. Buses loaded with people from Navrongo and it's neighbouring towns continued to flood to the grounds to witness and experience the first night.

Preaching tonight, in a message entitled 'Who was Jesus?', Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills, explained the following:

1. Jesus Christ was the Son of man. That is why He could understand and feel our problems.

2. Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life who will satisfy us today. 

3. Jesus Christ is the Healer who will heal us of all the sicknesses and troubles in our lives.

4. Jesus is the Light of the world whose presence drives out every evil influence in our lives

5. Jesus is the Way. He is the only way through which we can go to Heaven.

6. Jesus is the Truth. Do you want to know the truth?

7. Jesus is the Life. He is the one who will give us life eternal.

After the powerful delivery of the gospel, Evangelist Dag invited all those who wanted to give their lives to Jesus Christ. Thousands of souls were won tonight, to the glory of God.

Apart from saving the multitude of souls, Jesus was here tonight to heal every kind of disease and sickness in Navrongo. One of the notable testimonies was one from the wife of the paramount chief of Paga. She testified of how she could not walk but tonight by the power of God, she received her healing!

Glory be to God for all the wonderful things He is doing here in Navrongo!

Day 2

News of the great miracles the Lord is doing at the crusade seemed to have spread throughout the town as many more people flocked to the grounds tonight with high expectations and great faith to see God move again.

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills preached a powerful message entitled “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever!” He explained that there are 3 meanings behind this description of Jesus Christ.

1. It means what He used to say, He is still saying.

2. It means the things He used to do, He is still doing

3. It means, the blood of Jesus is the same. It still washes away our sins and Only the blood of Jesus can wash away the sins of the people of Navrongo.

A call was made by the Evangelist for people to 'come to the cross of Jesus'. Many thousands gave their lives to Christ tonight. Thank God for His blood that is flowing through Navrongo.

Tonight also saw many fantastic miracles:

1. A little boy came with his grandmother who was bent over and couldn't walk. He said that as the Evangelist was praying for the sick, his grandmother, even though she could not speak or understand English, mumbled that she could understand the prayer. She suddenly left her walking stick and began to walk. She dances on stage tonight! To God be all the glory.

2. Little Isaac could not walk for the past 7 years. Tonight he takes his first steps in life.

3. A woman totally bent over. Tonight by the power of God, her back is now straight and dances to the glory of God

4. 2 months ago, a young man had an accident that left him limping in one leg. Tonight, his friend who helped and accompanied him to the crusade testifies of how he began to jump right after the prayer for the sick. Jesus is a Healing Jesus!!!

Navrongo is being washed in the blood of Jesus! Glory be to God.

Earlier this morning over 400 pastors gathered at the Pastors and Leaders Conference where the Evangelist shared extensively from his bestselling book, The Art of Leadership.

Day 3

Tonight the Evangelist delivered a very fiery message entitled “The Narrow way and the Broad way”. He said, "there are two roads in this life, the narrow way and the broad way. The broad way is very wide because there are many people on it, and the narrow way is narrow because there are very few people that choose to travel on it".

The Evangelist posed a question to the crowd, "How do you know which way is the right way? The best way is by looking around to see whether there are a lot of people on the road you're travelling on. The fact that a lot of people are travelling on a road does not make it the right road. The bible says that the narrow way is the right way which leads to Heaven. God is calling out clearly to you tonight to choose the narrow way! When you choose between the narrow or broad way, you're choosing between having God as your Father or the Devil as your father. And you should prefer to choose the narrow way which has God as a Father".

He continued, "When you choose the narrow way, you have chosen a very hard road to travel on. There is nothing easy about choosing to follow Christ. You must not be concerned to be the only one on the narrow way; you're on your way to Heaven!"

He encouraged the crowd to say to themselves, "I am choosing Jesus all the way and I do not care who is on the road with me"

Tonight was a night for blind eyes to see.


1. An old man came on to the stage accompanied by his daughter to testify of how his sight had been restored as the Evangelist prayed for the sick. The Lord touched his blind eyes and he can now see.

2. The Lord touched a man who had been blind since 1982 and he instantly received his sight. In his own words, he said; "I was blind but now I have received my sight". Is it not amazing?

3. Yet another blind old man testified of how he laid his hands in his eyes during the prayer and felt 'something' fall from his eyes. He opened his eyes and suddenly, he could see.

Day 4

Only the Name of Jesus could have gathered such a phenomenally massive crowd on the University park tonight. The entire park was filled with souls, hungry for the Word and expecting a miracle from the Lord. As the Evangelist mounted the stage and the singers began to sing "I expect a miracle today", one could tangibly feel the presence of God on the park.
This evening, Evangelist Dag preached a powerful sermon entitled 'Born Again". He explained in great depth with dramatic illustrations of what it means for your spirit man to be born again. After the preaching of the Word, a call to salvation was made and many thousands responded to the call.
This evening, Jesus was present during the prayer for the sick and He healed all manner of diseases. The lame walked, deaf ears were opened, all kinds of aches and pains disappeared, by the power of God! There were so many outstanding miracles and testimonies.
Also, before the Evangelist was introduced, one of the leading pastors in Ghana and a  friend of the Evangelist,  Rev Eastwood Anaba, was welcomed to share a few words. It was a blessing to have him at the crusade to encourage the ministry of Evangelist Dag.
It has been an amazing time here all the way in Navrongo, North of Ghana and thanks be to God for the end of yet another series of campaigns for Jesus. This year by the grace of God, there have been Healing Jesus Campaigns in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger and Ghana. God has greatly blessed the ministry of Evanglist Dag with massive crowds and great testimonies of salvation, healing and miracles.
To God be all the glory for the great things He has done!!


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