Evangelist Dag and the Healing Jesus Campaign team arrived in the city of Sebokeng which means 'gathering place'.

On one of nights, the Evangelist preached a powerful message on the opening night titled 'The house on a rock'. 

While preaching the Evangelist mentioned that someone with a lump in the Breast was being healed.

A lady who had had a lump in the breast came to testify to the Glory of God that the lump she had for 7 years suddenly disappeared.

Thousands responded to the call of salvation and the Lord confirmed his words with signs and wonders.

An HIV positive patient diagnosed 20 years ago - came on the campaign to testify. According to her, She had to go for daily drugs at the hospital. That morning she went to do a test which came out negative.

A man who had an accident last year had been using crutches, and has not been able to walk since then. Today, for the first time since the accident, he walks unaided.

We are so grateful to God for his love that has reached the people Sebokeng




Embalenhle was the township in which the third campaign was held. It's neighboring city is Secunda. On the first night of the campaign, the evangelist preached 'Behold I stand at the door and knock', on the first night.

Many opened the door of their hearts to Jesus and many mighty miracles happened in Embalenhle.  

A lady with a lump in the breast was healed. The lump disappeared as the prayer went on to the glory of God! 

A Woman who was blind in one eye received her sight.

Many other wonderful miracles occurred.. To God be all the Glory!

Emblahenle will never be the same again! 



The fifth and final campaign for this season is in the city of Mamelodi, just a few kilometers from the capital city Johannesburg.
The Evangelist preached an inspiring message on 'The Good Samaritan'.
The Lord Jesus worked many wonderful miracles.
A lady who had been unable to walk without crutches for 4 years receives her healing. 
A 'yellow belt' karate fighter had a back injury and has been unable to bend his back since. He received his healing.
A lady had surgery on her knee two years ago and has been unable to bend her knee. She couldn't even jump or dance properly. Tonight she receives her healing and she can bend her knee freely. 
A lady who had been bleeding for three months non-stop is healed tonight! She placed her hand on her womb during the prayer and she believed she would be healed. Like the woman with the issue of blood her faith made her whole.
An elderly lady received her healing from the comfort of her home on the first night. She could hear the preaching from her house which is not far from the stadium.
We are so excited about what God has done in the city of Mamelodi!