Polokwane is the capital city of Limpopo and is located in the Capricorn region of the province. The city was founded in the gold rush of the 1880’s, and was originally named Pietersburg. In February 2002, the city was renamed Polokwane, a Northern Sotho word which means “Place of Safety.” It is the largest city in Northern South Africa and was the last on the campain trail. 

The Evangelist and the Healing Jesus Campaign team were warmly received by the Pastors, some government officials and the people of Polokwane.

As fiery as ever, the Evangelist delivered the word of God with conviction and power. On one of the nights, the Evangelist preached about the Cross. He explained to Polokwane that, Jesus came to save us form our biggest problem : our sins! Our sins are our greatest problem. "Jesus came to die on a cross for us! He died for our sins so that we would not die and go to hell." Thousands received Jesus and the Lord comfirmed his word with many wonderful miracles.

A lady who lost the use of her right hand for so many years due to osteo arthritis attended the Polokwane campagn. As the Evangelist preached on one of the nights, the power of God hit her and she is healed.

Another Lady who had a lump in her right breast is healed. According to her, after the prayer by the Evangelist she discoverd that the lump that had been there for one year has vanished.

An Elderly woman who had sever back pain is healed. she said, that on the second night of the campaign, the pain was so sever, her son had to come for her after the campaign. The power of God came upon her mightly on the last day and she is healed to the Glory of God.

We are grateful to God for his mighty works in Polokwane.




'The Great Banquet'. Jesus threw a great invitation to the people of Elmina and thousands responded to the call of salvation. On the second night the Evangelist preached about 'Why people believe in Jesus', and the last night's message was entitled 'The Prodigal Son'.

The Lord worked many marvelous miracles in the city of Elmina. 

A child of six years, who had not been able to walk since birth was healed. The power of God touched him and he received strength and began to walk.

A lady who had dislocated her hip four years ago and had not been able to walk except for short distances received her healing. Doctors had told her that she would never walk normally again but thank God that Dr. Jesus had a different diagnosis!

The Lord worked a great miracle for a lady who had been paralyzed for the past thirteen years since she had a baby. She had not been able to stand alone since then. As the Evangelist prayed, she felt someone pushing her; she even asked 'who is pushing me?' It was the power of God touching and healing her. 

A young lady was healed of serious chest pain. The pain had been so bad that she had to stop going to school. She testified with tears of Joy and amazement at the healing power of God.

There were so many more wonderful miracles. Elmina will never be the same again.




A doctor who had a lump in her breast cancelled her surgery appointment when she saw of the Tzaneen campaign on TV. As the Evangelist prayed, the power of God touched her and the lump had disappeared.

A man who had pain in his hand since 1975 and could not even hold a pen was touched by the power of God. Today he is healed to the glory of God.

A man who had a stroke and could not walk was told by his doctor that he would never be able to drive again. The power of God touched him in the morning, and he drove to the crusade that night.

A man who had broken his back after attempting to carry a car engine came for the crusade. As the Evangelist prayed, the power of God touched him, he has received his healing and can't contain his joy.What a Healing Jesus!