By 4pm in the afternoon the chairs on the crusade ground were already almost full. The Evangelist mounted the stage, around 7pm, the crowd erupted with applause and cheers; Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills had finally arrived for his first campaign in Liberia!

The Evangelist preached on 'The Greater Love'. The love that is greater than the love of friends, family, your boyfriend and your girlfriend - the love of Jesus Christ. Thousands surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ at the end of the sermon.

And the Lord confirmed his words with signs and wonders .....

A renowned football player in Zwedru who had had a knee injury and hadnt been able to play for some time was healed. He jumped and shouted for joy and announced that he was going for football practice the next day. An old man who had been blind for 5 years was healed. He was led to the crusade ground by his grandson and received his sight - he was now able to identify the Evangelist as 'a red man'. Many other wonderful miracles followed.

The Evangelist proclaimed that the second night would be 10 times greater!

Day 2 of the marvellous crusade began with a Pastors Conference attended by over 500 pastors and church leaders from the town of Zwedru and its environs. The Evangelist poured out his heart and shared from a number of his books - and proceeded to bless the pastors with books of their choice. Each pastor left with four new books - what a blessing!

'Jesus Christ is the Saviour and the Healer', was the message preached by the Evangelist at the evening crusade. The people of Zwedru were exhorted to give themselves wholly to Jesus Christ - because as the rich man in Luke 16 learned, hell is a real place.The clouds gathered and showers of rain began to fall towards the end of the sermon but the people didn't move. They just picked up their chairs and used them as umbrellas.

As the Evangelist said, God is the God of the dry season and the rainy season. Through the wet, cold atmosphere, there were many wonderful miracles. A young girl who had not had her monthly period since August, 2012 received her healing. A lady who gave birth 24 years ago, and has been paralysed since that day received her healing. She cried tears of Joy as she testified of the Lord's goodness.

The town of Zwedru has never experienced a crusade of this type before. We thank God for using the Healing Jesus Campaign team to reach the people of Zwedru with his precious blood.




Yamoussoukro is the fourth largest city in Côte D'Ivoire and the administrative capital of the country. The people of this historical town have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Evangelist for several weeks. One could feel the excitement and expectation of the whole town as the Evangelist and his entourage entered the city. They had heard of the great things God had done in Gagnoa, Daloa and Divo. The Evangelist and his team received a warm welcome from the pastors, government officials and local chiefs of Yamoussoukro.

The Evangelist preached messages entitled 'Repent', 'By His stripes we are Healed', and 'The broad way and the narrow way'. Several thousands responded to the call of salvation and the Lord confirmed his word with signs and wonders.

A baby girl of about two years of age had been paralysed and had been unable to walk. Her mother had taken her to the hospital and the doctors could not help but rather advised her to come for prayer at the Campaign. And it proved to be good advice! After the prayer the baby girl began to walk and even run! Praise GA young lady had had an operation and had since been unable to walk for the last six months. She had to use crutches to walk. Tonight after the prayer she is able to walk freely without the crutches.A lady with a lump in the breast received her healing. She had a young baby and had been unable to breast feed her child in that breast because of the lump. Tonight the lump disappeared.

A young boy had an epileptic seizure two years ago had not been able to walk since then. Tonight after the prayer he said to his mother ' I want to get up and walk!' And he did!

A young man of twenty-seven years had not been able to hear or speak since birth. After the prayer he received his healing and began to speak.

A young boy of eight years, had not been able to walk since he fell ill at the age of three. He had to be carried to the crusade on the first night. Tonight as the Evangelist prayed, he received strength and began to walk - Praise God!




The University of Cape Coast is one of the principal universities in Ghana. The university, which was established in 1962, has a student population of 52,000 which includes distant learners and sandwich students. About 16,000 students are resident on the campus.

ucc 2013

The Healing Jesus Campaign team, led by Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills, visited this school with three nights of power-packed gospel campaign. Virtually the entire school gathered on the Casford Field to hear the message of the matchless gospel of Jesus Christ preached by the evangelist. It was the largest gathering ever in the history of the university. The crusade was also attended by senior members and lecturers.

Each night, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills preached the message of salvation with simplicity and passion. He preached on “The House on a Rock, Zacchaeus, make haste and come down and Greater Love. Over a thousand students rushed forward each night in response to the evangelist’s invitation to salvation in Jesus Christ.

The power of God was also present to heal the sick. There were many notable and fantastic miracles. A woman who was wheelchair bound due to stroke for many years got up and began to walk as the evangelist prayed. Lumps melted away and many eye related problems were healed. Truly, Jesus is a healing Jesus.