Conakry, was simply unbelievable! At the final evening’s campaign, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills could hardly share his message as sporadic shouts and screams of excitement emerged from various sections of the crowd –people were already receiving their healing!

The Healing Jesus In Conakry

Finally everyone started chanting “Jésus, Jésus!” and glorifing the Lord Jesus for the miracles that were taking place right before their eyes…

The Healing Jesus Campaign received an overwhelmingly warm welcomed by the government and people of Guinea. Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills was received as a guest of the nation, and later paid a visit to the President of the Republic.

We are so grateful to the government of Guinea for their great assistance in making the entire campaign successful.

Crowds Pouring In

The “Esplanade du Palais” was packed with people even hours before the first evening’s programme started. People had already started pouring in from morning. We probably never saw such a frenzied rush to find seats at any of our campaigns. Eventually, some resorted to climbing trees and sitting on walls to catch a glimpse the long-awaited evangelist.

Hearing the Word!

Each night every eye was keenly fixed on the evangelist, as his message was re-echoed to the expectant crowd by the French and Fula interpreters. The messages were unmistakably clear and full the conviction of the Holy Spirit: “Receive Christ!”, “Greater Love”, “Jesus the Judge”, “Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever”…

Decisions for Christ

Thousands of hands were raised when Evangelist Dag gave the opportunity to receive Christ! From the midst of the think crowd to the top of adjacent walls and trees, thousands of Guineans prayed out loud and inviting the Lord into their hearts. What a glorious time!

Thousands gather at the Medical Outreach.

The first day of the Healing Jesus Free Medical Clinic had to be cancelled. Several hours before opening, the large hall originally chosen for clinic was already full, with an extra 300 meter-long queue of patients attempting to get in.

By the end of the campaign our Medical Team was able to see 2791 people. Available drugs were provided absolutely free of charge for those who needed them.

You Made IT Possible!

Through the faithful support of ordinary people like you, thousands of souls have been won; thousands of lives have been saved. We thank all our partners for making this Healing Jesus Campaign possible.




By the grace of God, after driving over 1600km from Bamako (Mali), through the precarious mountainous terrain of the Fouta Djallon in Guinea over a three-day journey, the Healing Jesus Campaign team and equipment finally arrived safely in Freetown for the second campaign of 2012 SEASON 1.

After ferry-crossing the River Gambia and driving four hours, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills and the rest of the healing Jesus team arrive safely in Dakar, where a delegation of about a hundred pastors and church leaders welcomed him in an Opening Ceremony.

Harvest of Souls

Dakar, Senegal. July 2012.

Day 1

Local pastors and missionaries could not contain their joy as the Healing Jesus Campaign in Dakar has truly become a reality.

The evangelist proceeded immediately to the Khar Yalla terrain de sport where thousands had already gathered in anticipation of the miracles they had heard of.

Jesus will do you Good!

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills preached powerfully on the manifold blessings of Knowing and receiving Jesus Christ. It was a sight to see many people standing on rooftops and balconies overlooking the crusade grounds, and listening attentively to the evangelist’s message.

There was a great harvest of souls when Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills invited the crowd to receive Jesus Christ. Thousands of Senegalese souls re-echoed the ‘sinners prayer’ in English, French and Wolof as they surrendered their lives to the Lord. Alleluia!

She Can Raise Her Arm!

God healed so many people on the first day of the Healing Jesus Campaign in Dakar.

A little girl was healed as evangelist Dag Heward-Mills prayed for the sick. Since she was born she had never been able to raise her right arm up; but now, for the first time ever in her life, she can now raise her arm up above her head! Praise the Lord!

Day 2

Why God Sent His Son.

Many more people filled the Terrain de sport at Khar Yalla, where the campaign was taking place. News of the fantastic miracles that had taken place the previous day spread through the city.

In his simple and down-to-earth style, evangelist Dag Heward-Mills walked the eager and attentive crowd through the the reasons why God had to  send Jesus Christ to Die on a cross.

This deeper understanding of Christ sacrifice on the cross led many to receive Him as their Lord and Savior. the stage area was filled with many who came forward publicly to confirm their decision to receive Jesus Christ.

Fantastic Miracles.

We glorify the lord for all the amazing miracles he continues to work in the lives of peoples and nations the Healing Jesus Campaign visits.

My Brother Can Walk!

A young lady brought her crippled younger brother to the campaign but hid within the crowd for fear of being identified by friends or family members. Her tears were uncontrollable as she testified that his legs received strength whiles the evangelist was praying for the sick and to her amazement her little brother can now walk without the aid of his crutches. Alleluia!

The Lame Walk!

A young man, filled with excitement, also testified that he received strength in his legs during the campaign and he started taking steps without the help of his stick. Thank You Jesus!

Day 3

Pastors’ Conference [First Day]

The Healing Jesus pastors and ministers’ conference in Dakar took place at the “Temple Evangelique” church hundreds of pastors and church leaders from many Christian denominations came to hear Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills teach from on the Work of the Ministry.

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills taught that both Pastors and ordinary church members should strongly believe that “Many Are Called”. For pastors, it means encouraging members and allowing up and coming ministers to flourish and not become stumbling blocks. For ordinary Christians it means availing themselves and opening their hearts so that God can use them. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few!

Dag Heward-Mills also taught from his books The Art of Leadership and Steps to the Anointing. Participants each received free copies of these books.

Who was Jesus Christ?

God has indeed blessed the nation of Senegal with great and timely messages through his servant. Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills boldly preached about the personality of Jesus Christ. The One who existed from the beginning, the Way, Truth and Life, the Living and risen God. He pointed out that unlike other religions, Christians have no grave or tomb they visit to pay respect to their Savior Jesus Christ. “Will you follow someone who is dead or someone who is alive?!” A wave of souls poured out in front of the stage area in response to the Evangelist’s call to salvation. The grace of God for salvation has really been poured out over the nation of Senegal through the Healing Jesus Campaign.

Pelvic Cancer Healed!

A young woman, gleaming with excitement, testified that she had been diagnosed of cancer. The case was so complicated that the doctors were not sure if the cancer was in the cancer was in the abdomen or pelvis. Her abdomen was enlarged to about the size of a seven months pregnancy!

She said that when she went home after the second night of the campaign, she was taking her bath and realized that her protruding abdomen had disappeared! “Today, I decided to put on a belt to show that I now have a waist line! Alleluia!”, she told the evangelist. Glory be to God!

My Daughter Can Speak Again!

A woman wept tears of joy as she described the healing of her little daughter who had lost her ability to speak after having an epileptic seizure. She could not control her tears as she explained that during the time of praise and worship, she heard her daughter saying “amen!”

Great faith and expectation has swept through the city of Dakar with the coming of the Healing Jesus Campaign. Thousands more are expected to crowd the Terrain de Harre Allah on the last day of the campaign.

Day 4

Pastors’ Conference [Second Day]

The second and final day of the Pastors conference ended on an exciting note. Over 800 pastors and church leaders enjoyed rich and deep teachings on The Work Of The Ministry. The evangelist’s simple, down-to-earth and sometimes hilarious teaching that imparted great wisdom and understanding really refreshed pastors and brought new understanding and encouragement.

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills taught ministers not to only aim for success and victory, but also to learn to accept “Losing, Sacrificing, Suffering and Dying” in the ministry.

Jesus the Son of God

The Khar Yalla field was fully packed on the final night of the Healing Jesus Campaign in Dakar as evangelist Dag Heward-Mills preached on the Biblical evidence of Jesus’ divinity. He explained that just as no one (without the right qualification) can call himself a medical doctor and get away with it; Jesus proved, by the fantastic miracles he did, that he was indeed the Son of God!

He proved to the understanding of even the youngest mind present that Jesus was indeed the Son of God.

I No Longer Need a Brace for my Back!

Many fantastic miracles followed happened. A lady who testified the previous day that she had been healed of a condition affecting her back, brought the brace she used to support her back. She no longer needed the brace and she brought it to confirm that she had truly received her healing!

Footballer Healed!

A young man who was fully dressed in soccer jersey and boots testified that he had received healing of pain in his legs. He said he did not intend to come for the campaign but was just a passer by. He said the power of God touched him and he noticed the pain had disappeared.

An elderly woman came dancing on stage as she testified that she used to have a lump in her right breast for so many years. She said that it suddenly vanished during the campaign as Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills prayed for the sick. She said she was a muslim with a fully muslim heritage but from from the miracle she had experienced she now belives in Jesus Christ! Alleluia!

So many more miracles happened during the four nights of the Healing Jesus Campaign in Dakar, Senegal.  Many souls were saved and thousands of lives changed. We at the Healing Jesus Campaign count it a rare privilege to take the message of the gospel to the ends of the earth.

The convoy and equipment of the Healing Jesus Campaign left Dakar early the following morning; bound for yet another town, city or village where the gospel is needed. You can Become a Part of the Healing Jesus Campaign.




By the grace of God, after driving over 1600km from Bamako (Mali), through the precarious mountainous terrain of the Fouta Djallon in Guinea over a three-day journey, the Healing Jesus Campaign team and equipment finally arrived safely in Freetown for the second campaign of 2012 SEASON 1.

Setting Captives Free in Freetown

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a beautiful country located along the southwestern part of the West African coastline. It is among the top diamond producing nations in the world, and mineral exports remain the main foreign currency earner. Sierra Leone is also home to the third largest natural harbour in the world where shipping from all over the globe berth at Freetown's famous Queen Elizabeth II Quay. Despite this natural wealth, 70% of its people live in poverty.

The nation of Sierra Leone couldn’t be more ready for the precious gospel message of salvation and hope in Jesus Christ as it recovers from probably the most brutal civil war in modern history. We count it a great privilege to be used by the Lord to announce the only hope of glory which is in Jesus Christ.

The Campaign Nights

Multitudes filled the National Stadium to hear Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills passionately preach the simple yet powerful gospel message of salvation each night. Thousands of Freetowners listened attentively from the stadium stands as he preached; “The Narrow Way and the Broad Way”, “Except You Repent, You Will likewise Perish”, “Remember Lot’s Wife!” and “The House on a Rock”.

Tens of thousands more kept coming each night until the bursting crowds overflowed onto the racing tracks and football turf of the stadium! Traffic around the stadium came to a standstill as many more were still attempting get to the stadium on the final night.

Glorious Salvation

The entire atmosphere in the stadium was electrifying as Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills preached and invited many hungry souls to receive Jesus in their hearts. The response to the alter call was almost a stampede! The joy was indescribable as several thousands begun to run hastily from the stands to the front of the stage to accept the Lord as their saviour!

Fantastic Miracles

At Freetown, we saw amazing miracles each night. Everyone was in awe of the fantastic healing testimonies on the stage.

-A totally blind ex police officer who, was brought in by his daughter, had his sight restored to the amazement of the whole crowd! He said how he even had to quit his job because of his predicament. But during the campaign as the evangelist prayed he felt the power of God and his sight was restored! Hallelujah!

-Another moving testimony was that of a woman whose baby had not been able to sleep for one year! She saw something come out of the baby at the campaign, and when she went home her baby slept for the first time! Wow!

-This boy had been suffering from acute appendicitis. For the first time he no longer felt the sharp pain on his right hand side. He shed tears of joy as he explained how he has no money for the surgery because he had lost his mother who was taking care of him. Thank you Jesus!

An Overwhelming Need!

There are still millions unreached, located where no one ever wants to go! We are receiving many requests to visit other cities and villages!