Last night saw the end of this fantastic crusade in Damongo with Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills and the response of the people was simply fantastic. This was the last night of this crusade and tomorrow we will begin our return home to Accra.

We are overwhelmed at the things that we have seen and the souls that have been won here in Damongo. We want to say thank you again for sending us here, thank you for your prayers and financial support. The Evangelist often says that the “Gospel is only Good news if it gets there in time” and because of you this is true for Damongo. Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills and the Healing Jesus Crusade Team 

Dear Healing Jesus Partner, 

Day 4: Friday, 25 June 2010
Tonight Damongo Town Park was filled as multitudes gathered for the grand finale of the Healing Jesus Crusade. The Evangelist preached an electrifying message entitled “ I am the way the truth and the life” (John 14:4) reminding the people of Damongo of the great thing that God did; for as while we were yet sinners He sent his only Son to die on the cross for all our sins. God sent Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills this evening to save the people of Damongo from the fires of hell with this powerful message of Salvation. The response of the people was tremendous and many accepted the Lord into their lives and received a book, “Gospel Salvation” from the Evangelist.

Tonight God blessed the people of Damongo taking sickness form the midst of them. The Evangelist prayed for the people confessing that all eye illness, stomach illness, every illness in the blood and brain would be taken away by the God that heals.
The atmosphere on the park was charged as the testimonies began; there were so many miracles tonight the first of which was a 64 year old man who would tremble under the weight of his own body unable to stand or walk without a stick. He went to the Crusade free MEDICAL CLINIC this morning and his illness was diagnosed as being a result of old age but he refused that confession and held onto his faith. As the Evangelist prayed he felt the electric power of the Holy Ghost pass through him, waving his stick in the air and marching across the stage he jubilates at his healing. Praise the Lord!

A woman who had suffered from fibroids for 6 years and 7 months today was miraculously healed. For years she had suffered with a fibroid so big that it filled her dress resembling someone who was 5 months pregnant. She found it embarrassing leaving the house as many would ask about her pregnancy. Today to the glory of God she testifies that as the Evangelist prayed mentioning the healing of stomach diseases she fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and when she got up she could no longer feel the fibroid, her stomach was flat.

There were many more incredible miracles, a man blind for 10 years now sees. The deaf now have their ears opened to hear. Tumors that the doctors couldn’t heal were healed tonight. Many who were unable to walk for years now walk and all to the glory of God.  

At the end of the night the Evangelist prayed for Damongo blessing the land and the people. He prayed that Christianity would dominate the northern parts of Ghana and that the work that God has begun in Damongo would be completed.

God has blessed this town and it will never be the same again.
Thank you for all of your support

Until the last soul is won,

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills and the Healing Jesus Crusade Team

Dear Healing Jesus Partners 

Day 3: Thursday, 23 June 2010

Tonight marked the third night of the crusade. The Evangelist preached a powerful message entitled “The Gates of Heaven and the Gates of Hell” from Matthew chapter 7. There is a narrow way and a broad way, many will be on the broad path that leads to hell but a few people will be on the narrow path leading to heaven.  Where will you go and which path will you be on because “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” Proverbs 14:12. The Evangelist preached encouraging the people of Damongo to come out of the broad way and come to the narrow way to life. The people were excited at the message of salvation that came to them tonight and many gave their lives to Christ. As the Evangelist began praying for the sick the threatening rain clouds finally broke and rain flooded the grounds forcing the crusade to a halt. Many rushed for cover from the surrounding buildings and under the stage.  Despite the devil’s attempt to silence the voice of the people tonight, Jesus has prevailed and we believe that tomorrow will see many giving great testimonies of healing and deliverance to the glory of God.

Tomorrow will be the final night of the crusade. Please continue to pray for us and the people of Damongo. Until the last soul is won!

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills and the Healing Jesus Crusade team

Dear Healing Jesus Partners,

Day 2: Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What an amazing day we have had here in Damongo. We began with the Power conference this morning. After which we held a Work of Ministry Conference with the pastor and leaders of Damongo and the surroundingareas.

The Evangelist preached powerfully from many of his books, encouraging the leaders of Damongo to be people who read as reading gives us the opportunity to improve our lives here on Earth; for when we get to Heaven we will be judged on what we knew and what we did with what we knew. Blessing all in attendance with several copies of his books this meeting has equipped the leaders of Damongo with the materials necessary to become the leaders that God wants them to be.

Tonight marked an important night for Ghana as the country found itself on hinges at the Ghana vs. Germany match, the last group match of the World Cup and we in Damongo were not left out as we watched the match on the field. The people of Damongo however were not just filled with excitement of the results but because they knew that Jesus the same, yesterday, today and forever would be here again doing signs and wonders.

The Evangelist came to the people of Damongo with an opportunity, preaching about “The Blood of Jesus” from Ephesians 1 vs. 6-8; he gave the people the opportunity to be cleansed with the blood of Jesus and to go to heaven. After sharing on the story of the old wise man, the Evangelist put it to the people that their Salvation depended on them; God has sent his son and it is up to us to receive him and his blood. The multitudes responded with excitement raising their hands in acceptance ready to receive Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour.

The presence of God was all over the park and as the Evangelist prayed he made special mention of the healing for those that could not walk. And God being merciful did it again! There were many miracles tonight one of which was of a man who for 2 years suffered the agony of a broken leg and couldn’t walk; today he danced across the stage jumping up and down. He said that his healing began yesterday and tonight it was completed. He was so excited that he left his shoes on stage. Another man who had been paralyzed for 9 years not being able to walk or talk testified that he felt the power of God come upon him while the Evangelist prayed and now he is healed.

One of the most powerful miracles of the night was the healing of a hunchback. For years this man suffered from the presence of a hunch on his back which made it impossible for him to walk or even stand without a stick for support. But today to the Glory of God he stands without a stick or the presence of a hunch. Cases such as these usually require an operation in which metal rods would be placed in the back to straighten it, but tonight the Lord by bypassed the doctors and preformed the healing himself. There were many miracles tonight it is clear that God is moving in Damongo and the people will never be the same again. If this is just day 2 we wait in anticipation to see what the Lord will do for the other days of this crusade. Until the last soul is won!

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills and the Healing Jesus Crusade Team

Dear Healing Jesus Partners,

Day 1: Tuesday, 22 June 2010

We have travelled for over 24 hours to the northern parts of Ghana, to the small town of Damongo the capital of the West Gonja District. Tonight the first service began with Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills preaching a powerful message entitled “Jesus the same Yesterday, Today and Forever”. The people received this message with excitement as they were reminded that Jesus doesn’t change, his love doesn’t change and the power of his blood doesn’t change.

After the powerful preaching the Evangelist prayed for the sick, the park filled with the presence of God as many people flocked to the stage to share their testimony. There were several powerful testimonies including that of a man who for over 6 years could not walk without the aid of a crutch. He testifies that after the prayer he noticed that he could walk, he marvels at the awesome power of God as he runs across the stage. Another miracle we saw tonight was a woman who for over 10 years could not hear clearly in both ears; tonight after the prayer she could hear clearly. Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever was here tonight moving amongst the people healing people of many illnesses that, numerous doctors could not heal.

First thing tomorrow there will be a Power Conference and then a “ Work of Ministry Conference” with the local Pastors and Church leaders we are expecting a mighty outpouring of the Holy spirit. We need your prayers more than ever, please continue to pray for us throughout the week that the Gospel of our Lord will penetrate the hearts of the people of Damongo and the surrounding areas and that their lives will never be the same.

Until the last soul is won!

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills

By the Grace of God we have arrived safely in Damongo the location of our next crusade.  Damongo, the capital of the West Gonja District with a population of 139, 260 people is situated on the main route to Mole National Park a main tourist attraction.
The town is full of excitement in anticipation for the first night of the crusade. This crusade will last for 5 days from the 22nd June to 26th June.

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We believe that God is going to move mightily in Damongo and this town will never be the same.
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Thank you for sending us further away with the Gospel.

In the service of the King Jesus,

Dag Heward-Mills.




The renowned Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills was warmly received by the pastors and chiefs of Ijero, Ekiti State, Nigeria. He made known that he was believing God for 2 things from the Ijero crusades...

The renowned Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills was warmly received by the pastors and chiefs of Ijero, Ekiti State, Nigeria. He made known that he was believing God for 2 things from the Ijero crusade: First, that miracles would already begin to take place, with the arrival of the Healing Jesus Crusade team and secondly that many, many souls would be saved.

This is exactly what happened during the evening crusades. There was great excitement and expectation in the air as people from Ijero and beyond gathered to hear the word of God each night. With great passion and his usual simple down to earth presentation, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills preached about "Greater Love", emphasising that God's love is different from the love of any man.

So many souls were touched by this moving, much needed word of God and they gave their lives to Jesus Christ. And it did not end there. Once again, God demonstrated his power through the great Healing Evangelist as he ministered under the Anointing and there was a record of so many marvellous miracles! The lame walked, the deaf heard, the blind saw and indeed, there were several Bible-type miracles and testimonies. Just to mention a few....

1. A young man had been in a fatal accident and as a result of injury ended up with a limp. After the prayer for the sick he decided to take a few steps in faith only to suddenly realise the limp was no longer there!

2. A man suffering from a stroke with consequent paralysis on the left side experienced the touch of God. He could previously not lift his hand but after the prayer for the sick, he was able to lift his once paralyzed arm, up and down!

3. An elderly man, totally blind, upon instruction from the Evangelist, decided to lay his hands on his eyes during the prayer. As he believed God to heal him of blindness, he took his hands off his eyes after the prayer of faith, turned to look at his wife and discovered to his amazement and joy, that he could see.

4. A woman, totally paralyzed for over 3 months was carried to the crusade by her husband. Healed by the power of God during the crusade, she ran and rolled all over the stage, out of excitement!

5.An elderly man (now 60 years old) got into a fight when he was 15 years old and was slapped by someone. He lost his hearing in both ears after that slap. For several decades, he had lived as a deaf man. Suddenly after the prayer for the sick, his ears were opened and he could hear. Very excited, delivered from a bondage of many years, he testified of the goodness of God. By the end of the crusade, there were over hundred people still waiting, in a queue, to give testimonies of healing, miracles, deliverance from captivity and many more, but the Evangelist could not take them all.

The religious and civil leadership, as well as the people of Ijero, Ekiti, indeed demonstrated a lot of appreciation and respect for the great ministry of Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills. The King of Ijero for example, attended the crusade night after night, together with his entire household and other sub-kings. He eagerly received the messages and was seen to have taken down some notes during the preaching. Never had the crusade team ever seen such a rare sight.  

To God be all the glory.




When Healing Jesus Crusade stopped in Ikere, Nigeria, on 7th September, little did the team know that it would rain on the very first night of the crusade. Not discouraged by the down pour, over 200,000 people turned up from Ikere and beyond, with 4000 people getting saved by the end of that night.

Soaking wet but undeterred, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills ministered

to the people who were hungry and hopeful as well as eager to hear the word of God. In the words of the healing Evangelist, the crusade was not like any he had experienced. Jesus was there to save, to heal and to deliver!

Prior to the first night, the crusade team were given a rousing welcome by the people of Ikere who lined the streets to greet the Healing Evangelist. The team met the King of Ikere and also visited the Governor of Ekiti’s office where Evangelist Dag interacted with the cabinet and prayed for the Ekiti State and for Nigeria.

As early as 7.30 on the second day about 5000 eager and expectant pastors, ministers and church leaders gathered to be taught by the Evangelist at the ‘Work of the Ministry’ pastors conference. From his two books ‘Loyalty and Disloyalty’ and ‘The Art of Leadership’ he shared vital ministry nuggets and as in often times desiring to bless, Evangelist Dag gave away some of the copies of his books free of charge.

The highlight of the second night of the crusade was when a little boy with undescended testes was instantly healed during prayer.

There was a sense of expectancy in the air on the third day even though the rains persisted. Over a quarter of a million people poured onto the crusade grounds shielded by umbrellas to hear Evangelist Dag preach and heal. The miracles that followed his message of ‘Rise and be healed’ were profound and also demonstrated God’s love for his people on that night. Among many other miracles, a little boy and an elderly man were both healed of blindness while a woman who had bled continuously for a month testified of instant healing! Pains of all sorts disappeared as Evangelist Dag ministered.

Events took a surprising turn on the fourth night after he met the pastors for one last time in the day. The atmosphere at the crusade grounds was charged with the presence of God and the faith of an expectant crowd, however it began to rain suddenly. But having come armed with umbrellas and even using chairs to prevent being drenched, the people received from Evangelist Dag. He ministered from his heart on ‘You deserve a miracle’ though he was soaking wet. Remarkably, the crowd stayed until the end when the final prayer was said.

There were clear and blue skies and a rainbow on the fifth and final day of the crusade! Evangelist Dag preached on deliverance from captivity and the night was also marked with deliverance from all sorts of demonic oppression and a message of salvation for all. The people of Ikere gave a gift of gas in support of the next healing Jesus Crusade to be held in Ijero, from 13th to 17th October.

On his way out of Nigeria the good father and shepherd of Lighthouse Chapel International stopped at the Nigerian branch of the church to strengthen members, encourage them with the word of God and also to share fellowship.

It has been time well spent indeed and in Evangelist Dag’s own words ‘I want to preach about Christ and Him crucified till my dying day. God help me. It’s the best message!’