You, our dear partners, made it happen at Asankragua

Our first crusade for this year was held in a very remote town called Asankragua, from the 24th of March to the 28th of March 2009, in the middle of Ghana.Typically farmers, they gathered for 5 nights, under pouring rain, to hear and to be healed!

This crusade was extra-ordinary with many challenges and things that could have easily deterred us, but thank God, we overcame and we witnessed 61,203 precious souls surrendering to King Jesus.

God healed many sick people. Well that’s an understatement! The most amazing miracles occurred.

What if we had not gone?
We battled, despite the rain.
We did not rest!




With nearly 1 million people in total attendance at the Obuasi crusade this is one of the biggest Healing Jesus Crusades yet!

Evangelist Dag preached powerfully from the story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10). Like Zacchaeus, we must decide that “whatever it takes, I will see Jesus today!” We must employ any means necessary to overcome any obstacles that will keep us from seeing and receiving Jesus.

A Woman with an Issue of Blood Healed!

The first testimony of the night was that of a woman who had been menstruating continuously for two months. As Evangelist Dag prayed that night the bleeding stopped immediately and she was completely healed! Halleluiah!

Growth in Abdomen Disappears!

Seventeen year old Alice had a large growth on the side of her abdomen. Her condition grew worse as her parents could not afford the $500 required for surgery. She came to the crusade with the mass in her abdomenwhich was the size of a fist. She came upstage to testify the as Evangelist Dag prayed, she felt the power of God come upon her and the mass disappeared! Praise the Lord.

Widow Receives Her Healing!

A woman came upstage to testify of the miraculous healing of a pain she had had in the knee for several years. Because of this condition, she struggled to fend for her children since she found it difficult to walk around the market selling to make ends meet. During the crusade she felt the power of God as placed her hand on her knee whiles Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills prayed, and she miraculously received her healing! God is great!

Word about the wonderful things the Lord has done keeps spreading far and wide. Several thousands more are expecting to show up at the crusade grounds for a second night of the wonderful healing presence of God in Obuasi.

Day II – Crusade Rained Off

The night’s crusade had to be called off because of a heavy downpour which continued several hours. Multitudes had gathered at the grounds in defiance of the rain. Evangelist Dag had to call off the evening’s crusade as the rains intensified. Excitement filled the air as he hinted a possible extension of the crusade to Saturday night.

There is great expectation stirred up in Obuasi as people are looking forward to the third night of God’s mighty healing hand manifesting through His servant Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills.

DAY III – Loyalty Conference I

Today was the first of three days of the power-packed Pastors’ and Church Leaders’ Conference (now called Loyalty Conference). Several hundreds of pastors and church leaders filled St Paul’s Roman Catholic Cathedral to hear Evangelist Dag teach from his anointed books, (Steps to the  Anointing and The Art of Hearing). Every participant received a free copy of these books.

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills emphasized that the anointing is the most important thing every minister needs. It is what empowers ministries to last centuries after their founders are gone.




One week before the mammoth crusade, throngs of people began pouring in from all over northern Ghana in great anticipation of a visit from God! It was the first time we held a crusade in the north of Ghana.

 Salaga, a town with diverse cultures and some 19,000 people is often remembered for its role in the slave trade during the 18th century. Often referred to as the “Timbuktu” of the south, it was the largest slave center in West Africa with over 500,000

slaves traded. Slaves captured from Mali, Niger and other desert countries made their first stop in Salaga. They were exchanged for Kola, then shackled and dispatched to the coast: a dreadful 3-month journey on foot. In 1897, the British finally captured the town and made it into a Zongo (which means a resting place for caravans). It is interesting to note the first Zongo in Ghana is in Salaga. Muslims are an overwhelming majority. The rest of the inhabitants practice Animism. Something unprecedented was just about to occur in Salaga! One week before the mammoth crusade, throngs began pouring in from all over northern Ghana in great anticipation of a visit from God!

 It was the first time we held a crusade in the north of Ghana.

Regardless of creed, they arrived with their burdens, some having to hide their identity. There was stiff opposition from those who clearly did not believe. Public announcements had been made to boycott the crusade. Anyone who was found attending this meeting would have themselves to blame. The atmosphere was very tense a few days to the event. The warm reception the Evangelis

t and his team were given by the paramount chief of the area, therefore came as very welcome. Over 500000 souls witness God’s power unleashed in salaga. A sea of souls washed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Evangelist Dag Heward mills invited ten of thousand of souls (largely Muslim and animist) to the cross of Jesus to receive the greatest miracle of all salvation and to be born again! A sea of people lifts their hands to receive Jesus Christ: Chiefs, fetish priest, family heads, ordinary men and women and children. At this crusade, we witnessed every type of healing miracle recorded in the Gospels! The blind saw! The deaf heard. The dumb spoke. The lame leapt for joy. The mad were restored to sanity!

The greatest miracle of all was the salvation of souls. Again, the Lord harvested the souls in a beautiful manner. At this crusade, we witnessed with such joy, for the very first time, our 1,000,000th soul won for Christ in Healing Jesus Crusade! It is a fact that God alone can save, yet He does so with man. God alone can heal, but He uses a man. The Healing Jesus Crusade has become an auxiliary to God! In childlike faith and obedience to the Word of God which says, “Go into the entire world and preach the Gospel”, soul winner Dag Heward-Mills set out in the year 2003 to reach the lost through outdoor crusades. Today, 43 crusades have been held in 40 towns and villages in Africa. Indeed, the Lord has been with us in this all-important assignment. We are seeing the dream unfold as the Healing Jesus Crusade presses on with strength.

We will not stop now. We will not rest. Others must hear this good news! We MUST go.

“Can’t YOU do just a little bit more?”