It promised to be an unforgettable gathering. Before the crusade, there was so much excitement in the air as thousands of people from villages far and near arrived at Assin Fosu with their belongings. Our buses kept ‘pouring’ them onto the large field we had prepared for the crusade.

Assin Fosu at that time of the year is known for incessant rainfall. For two weeks before the crusade, it had rained everyday; making it very difficult for our rigging team to pitch the giant tent and set up for the crusade. However, for the five days of the crusade, the skies held. This in itself was a miracle. To some, this was more of a miracle than the lame who walked or the blind who saw.

The crowd of over 45,000 erupted into vibrant praise as the evangelist arrived. Hundreds of school children lined the street and ran after his convoy. Indeed, there was excitement in the air. The faith of the multitude was so great that people brought dead relatives from the hospital to the crusade! They believed in the power of Jesus to raise the dead! This crusade was also attended by some senior ministers who serve on the Healing Jesus Crusade International Board of Advisors. Some visitors also flew in from Nigeria and South Africa. Each night was a razzmatazz! On day one, with such intensity, the evangelist preached on “Greater Love”.

On day two, he answered the important question, “Who was Jesus Christ?” The growing crowd was awoken to reality on day three when the evangelist hammered on their ‘doors’ with the message “Behold I stand at the door and knock”.... The message of the cross and the blood of Jesus were well delivered during this crusade.

Over 90,000 copies of Dag Heward-Mills’ books were given out during this crusade! Several pastors from village churches attended the morning conferences. Dag Heward-Mills is at his best when ministering to pastors. He meticulously shared with them on the anointing and on ministry. These conferences are attended by several hundred pastors from villages; some of whom may not have the means to ever attend a conference. They were given sets of Dag Heward-Mills’ books. 

For the first time in the history of the Healing Jesus Medical Missions, two teams of medical personnel were present at the free medical outreach. On the average, they treated 1,200 patients each day for three days. On the third day of the clinic, the crowd of patients waiting to be seen had swollen to over 3,000! It was around 4pm that the drugs ran out.

“The miracles that occurred each night brought tears to my eyes.” said Reverend Jackson Ekwugum, publisher of the LifeWay Magazine in Nigeria, who flew to Ghana just to attend this crusade. Up on the platform, people testified of the most notable miracles. Cripples danced for joy!

The Assin Fosu crusade turned out to be, as aforementioned, a razzmatazz! The blood of Jesus washed the entire region in an unprecedented way. Village folk now have a chance to enter the Kingdom!

Thank you Healing Jesus Crusade partners, for making all this possible.




Atebubu is a market town toward the north of Ghana and is one of the largest Islamic communities in Ghana. Over 40,000 people attended the very first meeting. They came with such hunger and faith that the miracles began to happen even before the prayer for the sick.   

The next night, the huge crowd spread to 44,000. By the third night, more than one hundred thousand people had attended the previous three meetings and the momentum continued to mount.  One night, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills declared, ‘’ I feel the presence of God so strongly here’’ A lady, who traveled from Togo, a neighboring country, and had been totally blind for ten years, instantly received her sight.

A man crippled for three years and brought to the crusade, danced and jumped for joy on the platform. Another crippled man, who had suffered from a distorted figure for several years straightened up, was completely healed and walked on the platform. Hundreds of people came forward to testify of miraculous happenings and the whole region seemed to be bewildered by the presence of God.

Each night, Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills preached a crystal clear message of the gospel without compromise, speaking of Heaven and Hell, and of repentance and faith. Each night when the invitation for salvation was given, a sea of hands seemed to rise, creating an irresistible vacuum from all over Northern Ghana.

In a single service, 56,000 people attended the meeting… more than 100% of the population of Atebubu.

The Gospel is magnetic!

Every single salvation was a devastating defeat to the devil and while we were rejoicing, the enemies of God were repining.  We left Atebubu for Busunya knowing that it would never be the same again and asking ourselves, as we always do, What if we had not come?’’




The counting of the certified figures from Berekum, a town in Western Ghana, close to the Ivorian border, was 136,500. So many people traveled from all over Ghana, La Cote d’Ivoire and even from Togo for this mammoth gathering. They heard the gospel and received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

We held morning power conferences for the converts and the local churches followed them up immediately. ‘ Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost’’ Jesus said (John6:12) NONE BE LOST! That is the will of God. The ministry of Evanglist Dag Heward-Mills was outstanding. God is using him more and more. He is truly anointed for this work, and by the grace of God he has a highly effective harvester-team, flanked by Dr. Edwin Ogoe and Reverend Prince Addae as well as Pastor Schwarts Ebo Ankrah and Lady Pastor Serena Ababio, who head the crusade’s administration.

The unique gospel comes with signs and wonders, and what we witnessed at Berekum was absolutely glorious! There were miracles upon miracles. Without the miraculous, the gospel would be an empty shell. But Jesus Christ is the same…TODAY. Miracles identify Him. Cut out all the miracles from your Bible and you will be left with a set of stories!

The Gospel Crusade nearly did not happen because of a lack of Finances, but the Lord performed another of His wonders and made it possible. A very big thank you to those who helped us spontaneously. Imagine if we hadn’t gone!

Berekum was one of our largest crusades. It was almost unbelievable seeing the unending, yearning crowds ‘pour’ onto the giant field. Our 24 large buses traveled within a kilometer radius from Berekum to surrounding towns and villages, conveying people to the crusade. Each bus would arrive so crammed with precious souls hungry for the gospel. Our dedicated team of drivers worked almost 18 hours a day bringing waiting crowds to Berekum for the crusade. Some of our drivers were mobbed for insisting the bus was overloaded. Some even suffered injury!

We razed a piece of land to create a large enough field for the numbers we were expecting. God always does exceedingly above our expectations! He also said … “Open your mouth wide and I will fill it’’. The field was filled to capacity and multitudes had to resort to our giant projectors positioned almost 300 meters away from the centre of the field to see the evangelist.

Thankfully the new five storey sound towers we designed and built a few weeks before the crusade ensured everyone within a mile’s radius heard the gospel clearly. Evangelist Dag possesses a rare perpetual flame, a great passion to see the lost saved. He preached fiery messages each night of the Berekum crusade. The message was clear: Salvation through the blood of Jesus. The prayer of salvation was always as moving as one would behold someone just like you and I and find peace in Christ, with tears streaming down their faces. Each convert received a free copy of Evangelist Dag’s booklet, Gospel Salvation; a systematic cause for new believers!

As soon as the prayer for the sick was made, the crowd would erupt with roars as wheelchairs, crutches and large numbers of healed folk were brought up to the platform. On the fifth and final day, Evangelist Dag concluded the crusade year by laying hands on and praying for nearly 2,000 people who scrambled (up the platform), just to be touched by him!

Thank you so much for helping us to take the gospel to this town and its surrounding villages in one of the world’s most ‘’uttermost parts’’.

Your every investment will return to you in eternal dividends.
We are asking ourselves, as we always do, “What if we had not gone?”