Healing Jesus goes to Buduburam.

When the civil war broke out in Liberia in 1989, the Ghana government together with some West African states put together the ECOMOG troop to help restore peace and protect civilians in the region. The ECOMOG forces assisted in evacuating refugees to different African countries including Ghana. The Ghana government housed these new immigrants in a settlement about 20 km from the capital, Accra. Over the years, more refugees from Liberia came down to Ghana and made this place their home. The population of the Buduburam Camp according to the UNHCR censor in October 2003 is 42,000. Some refugees do petty trading for survival. However, the vast majority depends on regular remittances from relatives who live abroad.

A short report on the Buduburam crusade by Rev. Success Hopeson, Ghana Christian Centre, Buduburam.

Even though I had heard of the Bishop Dag Heward-Mills through his radio broadcasts, the Healing Jesus Crusade idea was new to


me. When we heard that it was coming to the Buduburam Camp, we welcomed the vision with great excitement and expectation. Churches got together to pray and fast toward the programme.

The crusade turned out to be the most well attended programme in the camp. People came for healing revival. We recorded close to 2,000 people who gave their lives to Christ during the crusades. The majority of these persons are in churches now. I personally know of a drug addict who got born again at the crusade and has been preaching ever since. Criminals and prostitutes that got saved have joined churches. The healings were tangible. I remember a particular woman who was healed of fibroids. She is still walking around healed. You cannot say this is not from God!

The books that Bishop Dag Heward-Mills graciously gave us are now everywhere in the camp. Some of them we read in turns. The camp has been revived. It was a joy for me to meet Bishop Dag Heward-Mills personally after listening to him on radio and earnestly desiring to meet him for so long. In fact I took a picture with him and framed it to keep by my bedside. God bless the Bishop and his ministry”




Healing Jesus goes to Takoradi, Ghana.

Takoradi, city and port southwestern Ghana is the capital of the western region on the Gulf of Guinea.

The city was formed in 1946 by amalgamating the port of Takoradi and the city of Sekondi.


It is a fishing and trading center; with railroad workshops, sawmills, cold storage facilities, cocoa processing, plywood, and tire-rethreading plants. In the Sekondi section are the remains of Fort Orange (1642), which is now a lighthouse. The city was founded in the 16th century by the Dutch; English and Swedish forts were built in the 17th century. The Swedish fort was built in Takoradi in 1640; the area remained undeveloped until the 1920s, when port facilities were constructed. Population (1990 estimate):116,500.

Healing Jesus Crusade in Takoradi was very life-transforming. Many churches have been affected and pastors have been united. In all, more than 1000 persons surrendered their lives to Christ during the crusade. A record attendance of close to 30,000 persons attended the 3-day powerful crusade. Many people received their healing. Altogether, about 300 pastors from different churches attended the 2-day ministers’ conferences that were held in the mornings.