Divine favour

Bishop, I thank God for ur life and the ministry. God through u has shown me favour and i will like to share my testimony with u. For some weeks past i was diagnosed of Pterygium at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra and was to go for surgery but i told myself and my Pastor Rev. Thompson Ampaw of Apaapa branch of LCI that i wont until after the Good Friday service; that if people can give testimony about the fact that they had their sights restored when u prayed for them, then this yr is mine as well. At the service after we had the communion and u asked us to lay our hands wherever place we have a problem, i laid my hand on my left eye which was in serious pain. After the prayer, i sensed no touch but when u called for those with miracles to move forward, i also came. There i had the sentiment that i should look at the lights fixed at the stage. This is something i could not do for about three good months but when i lifted up my head, i was able to see the light directly without feeling the pain. I couldnt believe what was happening so i told myself i wont use the eye drop given me from the hospital just as to be sure. i did this from Saturday until Monday when i went back to the hospital. I was able to see light and also the pain has gone totally. I thank u so much for unvailing urself to the use of the Maker. God richly bless u.

From Swanzy Rogger Dacosta

Great healing

Good morning sir My dear man of God i am a child Of God a resident of the Nederlands for the past 16 years I recently started experiencing watery sounds in my belly . I watched you Good Friday MIRACle Meeting Yesterday. EARLY this morning had a dream where a bottle was extracted from my belly. I know i am healed thank you so much sir for loving God thank you so much for preaching christ, for answering the call, for loving mankind.

I am healed and made whole in Jesus name Amen.

From Judy G, Netherlands

Great deliverance

God delivered myself and my manager from an impending danger(accident ). I was returning back to post when I met my manager and so he gave me a ride. A few minutes away from our current location was a broken-down loaded timber truck ahead of us. My manager has sped pass 3 cars with top speed. A taxi driver who had sensed that we might run into the timber truck with that same acceleration signalled us with his light. My manager applied his breaks and immediately we realized that there was this timber 2-3 steps away from our car. I believed God saved us by using the taxi driver to signal us. God saved us. I gave thanks to God and remembered a prophetic declaration you declared that we shall be granted divine escapes. I believe God used you to prophesy the impending dangers and HIS GREAT DELIVERANCE. AMEN!!!

From Samuel

There is power in the cross and in the blood of Jesus!

Thank you Jesus for saving my soul and saving me from Hell 🔥 How time flies .. I am finally turning 4 years in Christ Jesus today, it's been worth it!

I'm eternally grateful Lord Jesus for calling Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills into the ministry and sending him to KNUST on the 15th February, 2013 (HEALING JESUS CRUSADE) on a friday night to preach to me about the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus from the Bible which I had never heard before in my whole life or even read before from the Bible or heard any one preach it . He didn't only preach but also he made an altar call for salvation, I was hesitant to take the decision but God being so merciful Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills kept calling and inviting me to Christ, upon the last and final altar call just when he was about leading those who responded to the call at the altar for salvation in prayer, he stretched out his hand ,waved it and invited one last time and encouraged me to come forward saying that he felt there was someone at the back who needed to come, and that was me. As He kept speaking , pleading for me to come forward, opening my eyes to eternity the Holy Spirit started to convict and arrest my heart ... So eventually I made up my mind to come and soon as I walked forward to join He started the Sinner's prayer for salvation, I repented , I believed in my heart and said the prayer to receive Jesus into my heart and became born again.

Today I am a preacher and a living testimony that there is power in the cross and in the blood of Jesus!

Today marks exactly 4 years. Jesus is Lord! Hallelujah! To God be all the glory and praise forever Amen!

Message preached on that day : ALL DEAD PEOPLE ARE STILL ALIVE (LUKE 16:19-31)

From Michael M, Ghana

Miracles! Miracles! Miracles!

Last week I was listening via Facebook to the Give Thyself Wholly Conference in South Africa. You said when we loose our keys or car won't start to bind satan.
I came back from night shift and was really tired. I was dropping my son off in school and I stop to give way to traffic on my right. When it was my turn to go the car just stopped. I did everything I know however the car won't barge and then I remembered and I shouted " satan get your hands off my car". I started the car again and instantly it started working there was much joy in the car. Next day I couldn't find my car keys I repeated the same principles and "voilà" I found the key. My son who is ten years looked at me and said Hmmm mummy it work anytime to which I replied I know 😊.
God bless you man of God.

Sandra, Swindon. UK

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