'Neutralize The Curse
Winter Camp USA 

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DownloadNamePlay Length
downloadYour Destiny Is Predetermined

66:33 min
downloadBishop Ogoe Recap 5

29:06 min
downloadBishop Ogoe Recap 4

124:48 min
downloadMaster Key Of Winning Souls (Master Key Of Reconciliation)

152:10 min
download09. Bishop Ogoe Recap 3

22:40 min
downloadRevival In Your Middle Age
(Bishop Dag Heward-Mills)

41:33 min
downloadThe End Of Going In Circles (You Have To Fight)
(Bishop Dag Heward-Mills)

63:15 min
downloadAida Ministration 5

8:06 min
downloadProsperity Through Prophecy
(Bishop Dag Heward-Mills)

119:50 min
downloadAida and Bishop Dag Impartation

12:07 min
downloadHow You Can Be Delivered From A Curse Through A Prophet
(Bishop Dag Heward-Mills)

119:55 min
downloadAida Ministration 4

38:17 min
download09. Bishop Ogoe Recap 2

31:20 min
downloadYou Can Be Redeemed From A Curse
(Bishop Dag Heward-Mills)

110:08 min
downloadAida Minstration 2

14:59 min
downloadAida Minstration 3

6:55 min
downloadBishop Ogoe Recap 1

22:28 min
downloadAida Minstration 1

6:23 min
downloadCustom Made Curses
(Bishop Dag Heward-Mills)

105:43 min
downloadIntroduction - Neutralizing Curses
(Bishop Dag Heward-Mills)

131:25 min