'The Islands Shall Wait For You
Uk Camp - Birmingham 

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DownloadNamePlay Length
download09. Keys To Preparation To Fight
(Dag Heward-Mills)

191:16 min
download08. Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye My People
(Dag Heward-Mills)

140:18 min
download07. Arise And Shine
(Dag Heward-Mills)

178:49 min
download06. Aida Ministration

48:13 min
download05. I Called Him Alone
(Dag Heward-Mills)

90:42 min
download04. Ye Are My Witnesses And My Servant Whom I Have Chosen
(Dag Heward-Mills)

174:36 min
download03. Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God
(Dag Heward-Mills)

147:19 min
download02. Become God's Servant
(Dag Heward-Mills)

153:17 min
download01. Prayer Session With Bishop Richard (Church Growth)

116:22 min