'And Ye Shall Compass the city
Qodesh Family Church - Accra Ghana 

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DownloadNamePlay Length
download29. Recap and Closing Prayer
(Bishop Dag Heward-Mills)

49:53 min
downloadHave a strong motive, be serious, enter the 6 atmosphere of war
(Bishop Dag Heward-Mills)

32:00 min
download27. Improve Your Communication, Never Turn Away, Staunchness, Pray for Your Financier

36:55 min
download26. Battle Plans for Compassing The City (Fighting, Dodging and Making Special Efforts to Know Your Enemy)

51:23 min
download25. G.O (Gathering And Organizing Creative Art Campaigns)

37:40 min
download23. S.S.S.H.H.A.B.B.I.E Cont

69:54 min
download21. Recap - SSSHHABBIE Shepherding MUSTT GO
(Bishop E.A.T Sackey)

30:29 min
download19. S.S.S.H.H.B.B.I.E (State Of The Flock) Continued

47:39 min
download18. S.S.S.H.H.B.B.I.E (Shepherding Control and State Of The Flock)

56:17 min
download16. SSSHHABBIE Shepherding MUSTT GO

61:35 min
download14. Recap - What It Means To Be A Hard Follower - Bishop Sackey
(Bishop E.A.T Sackey)

17:41 min
download13. Prayer-Bishop Eddie Fabin
(Bishop Eddie Fabin)

14:00 min
download12. The Spirit of The Hard Follower

79:36 min
download11. Road to Compassing The City (Become A Hard A Follower)

56:55 min
download09. Recap-Bishop E.A.T Sackey
(Bishop E.A.T Sackey)

30:49 min
download06. Three Serious Diseases and Three Mistakes of the Peoples of The Earth Pt.1

85:57 min
download04. Arming The Sons and Daugthers Pt.2-Bishop Eddie Addy
(Bishop Eddie Addy)

62:40 min
download03. Arming The Sons and Daugthers Pt.1-Bishop Eddie Addy
(Bishop Eddie Addy)

55:50 min
download02. I have Not Apprehended Yet by Bishop Sackey
(Bishop E.A.T Sackey)

60:12 min
download01. Prayer by Bishop Eddie Fabin
(Bishop Eddie Fabin)

54:23 min