June 27, 2017  



Dag Heward-Mills


READ: 1 Corinthians 5:1-11

Holding faith, and a good conscience...

1 Timothy 1:19


Samson was a perfect example of someone with a dual life. His dual behaviour was so typical of a double life, that every Christian must learn something from him. I sometimes like to call the phenomenon of duality "Samsonism". That was the state of Samson - he had a religious, separated facet of his life, which was shown by the fact that he never cut his hair. Yet, he was unequally yoked to the things of the world.

There are Christians who appear separated from the world, but live in sin. Samson was separated because he was a Nazarite. He was unique, in the sense that he was not supposed to drink alcohol, or cut his hair as a sign of his consecration to God. At the same time, he was practising another kind of quiet evil, by linking himself with the devil and the world. He wanted to have an unbeliever wife and found himself one (Judges 14: 2-3). He was a man anointed of God, yet he wanted to ingulge in worldly pleasure.

Some of you reading this are just like that; you claim to be born again, but you are also playing around with the world. Your best friends are unbelievers, which makes you just like Samson. The amazing thing is that you are in a born-again church where you hear life-changing sermons repeatedly. If your favourite friends at school and at work are openly declared non-Christians, then you have a big problem!

Spiritual duality is a condition, which predisposes to fornication and adultery. Do not play any double games with God!