'One Small One Shall Become a Strong Nation
Camp - India 
17th to 20th of October, 2016

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DownloadNamePlay Length
download18. Recap...Bishop Richard

130:07 min
download17. Your Destiny

101:55 min
download16. The Art of Following Hard

78:08 min
download15. Recap.. Bishop OB Commey

20:44 min
download14. Reasons for Persistent Following

130:30 min
download13. Recap. Bishop Richard Aryee

34:15 min
download11. Reasons why you must have a Mega Church

42:50 min
download09. Great Vision C

125:55 min
download07. Great Vision.B..

72:07 min
download06. Recap...Bishop Richard Aryee

22:14 min
download05. Testimonies.

9:06 min
download04. Great Vision.A.

87:39 min
download03. Introduction

108:21 min
downloadmorning session 1

18:59 min
download01. Bearing Fruit......Bishop OB Commey

125:02 min