2017 Campaigns - Mozambique


Xai-Xai, formerly known as João Belo under the Portuguese rule, is known as an agricultural and industrial centre in Mozambique; a port that has provided and received goods and services for many years. However, never in all its years has this city received As the fleet of Healing Jesus Crusade vehicles entered this busy town, it was received with excitement and anticipation. Needless to say, this warm reception was reflected in the overwhelming attendance of this two-day crusade. The stadium was packed as people from all walks of life gathered to hear the gospel of our saviour.

Dag preached the word and prayed for the sick, and as always, or faithful God was there to heal and save. Notable miracles that night include the healing of a little boy who hadn’t been walking since birth. He came into the crusade carried in his mother’s arms. However, as the power of God descended upon the crusade, the little boy experienced Jesus’ healing touch. His mother brought him to the stage and shared the testimony, and to the glory of God, he took his first steps on the Healing Jesus Crusade stage!