2017 Campaigns - Mozambique


The city of Gweru was not left out and was blessed to host 2 days of Campaigns. A few years back, this city was shut down as it went through a recession.

Today, it is a recovered and bustling city which happily welcomed the Evangelist and his team.

On the first day over 9,000 people gathered at the stadium to hear the Evangelist preach. It was all joy and gladness as thousands of souls were won and miracles took place.

Gweru also witnessed showers on its second day of the crusade.

The crowd however was not deterred but sung and danced till the showers subsided.

The Evangelist's message to the people was ' Why God Sent His Son' They were also not left out of the healing touch of Jesus through the Evangelist.

Partial blindness for 10years is healed tonight.

A man who has been using crutches since 2011 throws away his crutches and walks to the glory of God.

Severe back pain and spinal muscle strain is also healed.

Sore throat for 3 months is instantly healed