2017 Campaigns - Mozambique


Mafikeng is the capital city of the North-West Province of South Africa and located close to the South Africa – Botswana border. The Evangelist spoke to the expectant crowd about “Jesus and the Man at the Pool of Bethesda”.

The Evangelist told Mafikeng that God is not trying to impress us. We are nothing. God is the creator of the universe and He has nothing to prove to any of us.

On the second night of the Mafikeng Campaign, Evangelist Dag spoke to the people about ‘The narrow way and the broad way (Matthew 7:13)’

He said that a road is narrow because we are not expecting a lot of traffic on it, a road is wide because we believe that there will be a lot of movement on that road.  The majority will be on the wide road.

A lot of people take decisions based on what others are doing.  The fact that a lot of people are doing things does not mean it is the right way or thing to do. 

The Evangelist challenged the people of Mafikeng to choose the narrow way, to choose the cross and prayed for the sick after leading the tens of thousands who took the decision to follow Jesus.

A boy who was born with one deaf ear, felt something come out of his ear when the Evangelist prayed and he can now hear.

A woman who had been suffering from painful boils couldn't come yesterday because she was in so much pain.  When she entered the pastor’s conference venue, the boil burst and there is no trace of a boil on her body.

In 2001 an old woman had been with deep vein thrombosis in her left leg - it was so swollen and started changing colour and a year ago the other leg started developing the same symptoms. Tonight, as the Evangelist prayed, the power of God came upon her mightily, her legs begun to shake and is completely healed.

For a year, a young boy could hardly walk had and to stretch his hands outwards to balance and walk. Tonight, as the Evangelist prayed, the power of God touched him and he is walking properly.

For one year a young woman who was on treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease and the doctors said she had signs of cervical cancer. To make things worse she had a bad smelling discharge. Last night she was healed, went home to check and was happy to see that the discharge had stopped and the pain gone!

9 years ago, a woman fell into a ditch and twisted her foot and her ankle and was in severe pain and couldn't place her weight on the foot. She was healed tonight.

A baby who was born with severe eczema and would scratch till she bled was miraculously healed last night. Her skin is totally cleared.

A woman who could not hear with her left ear, was miraculously healed tonight!

A man who had a stroke 15 months ago and could not walk without a cane was able to get up and take his first steps.

A 68-year-old woman who could hardly walk because of severe arthritis is dancing on stage to the glory of God!

A young Lady, who was in pain and had a lump in her breast, put her hand on her breast during the prayer by the Evangelist. After the prayer, she realized there was no pain and the lump had disappeared. 

A man who couldn't hear from his left ear for 10 years also regained his hearing after the Evangelist prayed.

A woman who had surgery in her left eye and was going blind in her right eye received a miraculous healing after the prayer by the Evangelist and can see clearly in both eyes.

Since 2014, a young lady could not open her mouth wide without severe pain. As the Evangelist prayed, the power came over her mightily and instantly she received her healing.

To God be all the glory! 

Mafikeng will never be the same again after such a visitation by the Lord.