2016 Campaigns - Zimbabwe


Bulawayo is the second largest city after Harare.

There was great rejoicing as the Healing Jesus team entered Bulawayo.

The first day saw a crowd of over 29,000 gather to hear the Evangelist preach the message; 'God commendeth His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us'.

Many came forward to give their lives to Christ as the Evangelist offered them the free gift of salvation and explained that the love of Jesus surpasses all and is the greatest love.

Even more people gathered at the stadium on the second day to hear the words of life.

'Abundant life' was the title of the message. The Evangelist taught that it is only in Jesus that one can have a fulfilled life. Not husband, nor wife can achieve this.

The Bulawayo crusade climaxed with over 39,000 in attendance receiving salvation and healing!

A grateful grandmother could not hold back her tears as her grandson, born with celebral palsy walked for the first time ever.

A lady was also healed of deafness in one ear and danced with joy for her healing.

Inexplicable paralysis after a simple fall was miraculously healed. Breast lumps disappear to the glory of God!

Indeed he is a healing Jesus!



The city of Gweru was not left out and was blessed to host 2 days of Campaigns. A few years back, this city was shut down as it went through a recession.

Today, it is a recovered and bustling city which happily welcomed the Evangelist and his team.

On the first day over 9,000 people gathered at the stadium to hear the Evangelist preach. It was all joy and gladness as thousands of souls were won and miracles took place.

Gweru also witnessed showers on its second day of the crusade.

The crowd however was not deterred but sung and danced till the showers subsided.

The Evangelist's message to the people was ' Why God Sent His Son' They were also not left out of the healing touch of Jesus through the Evangelist.

Partial blindness for 10years is healed tonight.

A man who has been using crutches since 2011 throws away his crutches and walks to the glory of God.

Severe back pain and spinal muscle strain is also healed.

Sore throat for 3 months is instantly healed



The city of Kwekwe was next in line to receive the Healing Jesus Team.

Originally scheduled for 2 days, the campaign was held for only a day as the first night was rained off. Indeed they were showers of blessings as the town and in fact the whole nation of Zimbabwe had seen no rain in a very long time.

The eager and enthusiastic crowd of over 10,000 gathered the next day to receive the gospel with joy . The Evangelist preached from John 3:16 concerning the great love of God.

There were miracles!

A lady walks for the first time in 3 years after suffering sores on her feet and swollen legs.

A woman blind in the right eye receives her sight back.

An elderly woman is healed of deafness in the right ear and severe hypertension.

A dislocated hip caused by childbirth is miraculously healed...

To God be all the glory!!



The Healing Jesus team's first stop was up north in the town of KADOMA with a population of about 90,000. The Evangelist brought the Salvation message to the attentive crowd; 'All Dead People Are Still Alive'.

The Evangelist explained that death is not the end of man's life because after death there is judgement and every dead person either finds himself in heaven or hell.

Over 23,000 were in attendance eager to hear the good news and thousands gave their life to Christ. The town of KADOMA was blessed with a second night of the campaign. The Evangelist's message to them was 'Who Was Jesus?'

Many more received salvation and healing as the Evangelist led them to receive Christ and prayed for the sick.



The first season of the 2016 Healing Jesus Campaigns started in Maputsoe. Maputsoe is a town located in the northern district of Leribe in Lesotho with a population of  36,200. The joy and excitement of the crowd could not be overlooked as they welcomed the Evangelist and the team with tumultuous shouts and screams.

On the first night of the campaign, the Evangelist preached a powerful message titled 'Jesus Christ, the savior and the Healer'. Evangelist Dag spoke about the wages of sin. He said we all deserved to go to hell.  Every sin deserves to be punished. Even men have a place on earth where they keep people who have "sinned".  Nothing can cleanse us from our sins except the blood of Jesus!

The second day of the Maputsoe campaign started with a pastors conference in the morning. Speaking form his book, 'The Art of Following', the Evangelist shared the example of countries like South Korea which has achieved great success as a nation by copying more successful nations.The Evangelist continued that night with a message titled 'John 3:16', explaining to them the great love of God. He spoke about the unconditional love of God, unlike the love of a man who loves some and not love others. He described the reality of hell using the vivid example of Lazarus and the rich man. The people of Maputsoe were held spellbound when the story was illustrated on stage. The Evangelist challenged them to stop fooling with God and think of Judgement day. He ended by giving them an opportunity to give their lives to God. Thousands and thousands responded. 

The electrifying presence of God was present to heal many!

A woman who hadn't walked for 17 years following an accident heard about the campaign and came. As the Evangelist prayed, strength came into her legs and she is healed.

A little girl who had been carried to the campaign by her two uncles, is healed and got up to walk.

A young girl who hadn't been able to clench her fist for years, was healed after the Evangelist prayed!

An elderly woman who could not move her arm after a stroke was also totally healed after the evangelist prayed.

A man who wasn't able to see well in both eyes was touched by the power of God tonight and he can see clearly.

A young girl who was born deaf was touched by the power of God tonight and she can hear clearly.

To God be all the Glory!

A woman who had an accident had 6 screws placed in her back and could not bend after that!  The power of God touched her, and she can bend!

What a healing Jesus! 

A young woman of 28 years who came to the crusade totally blind is totally healed! She had a double miracle in that, she had one leg shorter than the other but tonight after the prayer, the power of God touched her and the shot leg has become normal!

A woman testifies about her inability to walk and talk after an accident 5 years ago. The Power of God touched her during the morning conference for new believers, strength came into her legs, she is walking and to her surprise, she has regained her ability to speak!

 A woman who came to the campaign deaf also received her healing tonight, and testifies that she can hear the music being played!

An elderly woman who couldn't see for three years suddenly received her sight during the prayer time.

An old lady who came with severe pain in her feet and ankles for nine years is healed, she couldn’t help but dance; praising the Lord for this miracle.

We thank God for the precious blood of Jesus Christ which has brought not only salvation, but Healing to the people of Maputsoe.


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