April 26, 2017  



Dag Heward-Mills


READ: Haggai 1:1-14

Is it time for you, O ye, to dwell in your cieled houses, and this house lie waste?

Haggai 1:4


One of the secrets to prolonging your days on this earth is to be involved in the building of the house of God. Some years ago, I noticed a man who was really blessed of God. The man had lived to a ripe old age and had many children and grandchildren. In his old age, he was rich and in good health. Most people at that age would be flat broke!

I asked the Lord, "Why is this man blessed?"

The Lord showed me that this was a person very much involved in the building of the church. He was somebody who had spent a lot of his personal money building the church. The Spirit of God whispered to me, "The people who involve themselves in building the church, whether spiritually or physically have a special grace upon their lives."

Consider the centurion who needed a miracle for his servant. The people told Jesus that the man deserved a miracle because he had built them a synagogue (Luke 7:4, 5). Good things from Jesus were about to flow into this man's life because he had built a church.

I once heard a great man of God ministering at the sodcutting ceremony of a church in my city . This man of God made a statement that I will never forget. He told the congregation, "Build God's house and God will build a house for you." I have never forgotten those words. Build a house of stability and safety for God's people and God will make your dwelling secure.

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