Delivered from chain smoking

I was a very bad chain smoker but after attending the crusade you held here in zambia chingola town I got healed and restored to my old me.i no longer smoke.thank Jesus Christ.

From Christian C, Chingola Zambia


Testimony Dear Evangelist Dag. When you come to Luanshya in Zambia you prayed for the people and I was there. My life has never been the same. It all started when I was young, I was bedwetting but since you declared that I was healed I have been free from that day till today. Glory be to the God....

I have stopped bedwetting

From Esther J Bwalya

Great healing

I'm alive and well to the glory of God Almighty. I'm a keen follower of daddy's teachings and a member of Loyalty House International, Lusaka Aparche, Zambia. My Testimony is so great I thank God for his grace and love. On 11th September, 2016; I decided to change my lifestyle and return to my First Love...This was a decision I reached after reading a book entitled "Backsliding" by Bishop Dag Heward Mills. I had claimed to be a Christian for a long time even when I was so deep in sin. The years 2015 and 2016 were the worst for me because I had completely lost touch with myself and fell deep into sin. I was into fornication and started losing focus both in my education and in my christian life. It was like I was just existing and not living anymore... my spirit was dead. I kept trying to cover up all my sins from the people around me and forgetting that God is the one who has the final say and there is nothing hidden from him. When I finally rededicated my life to Christ I found that I faced so many challenges in my spiritual life. On September 15th, I dedicated my whole day to prayer and spiritual warfare. With little knowledge of scripture just wanting to take back charge of my life. I declared war on the devil and all the evil that was going on in my life and all around me. I was not well equipped for the journey I was embarking on and things went down hill for me as I faced so many attacks spiritually I have little knowledge of what was happening around me but I from the little I remember I know it was a battle. It is like I blacked out for close to 3 months... I was diagnosed with acute psychosis ... I thank God my parents did not give up on me and continued in prayer for me because for close to 3 months it was as if I did not exist. I am healed from mental illness to the glory of God. I have been given a second chance at life and I don't want to waste my life. I want to serve the Lord while I am still young... in the days of my youth. I wish to honour God with the word of my testimony. I believed God has a greater purpose for my life.

Thank you for your dedication to winning souls for Christ.

From Suwilanji

Divine prophecy

Peace be unto you ! How are you doing? I would like to use this means to express the joy that we feel in our country (Mozambique) for all that is happening. We are seeing great miracles on a social level. It turns out that after the last week of the Healing Jesus Campaign, supernatural things are happening in the country. I remember the appeal that the made in the Machava stadium asking for support fill the tanks of the crusade trucks and many of us came up with our offerings. As we were giving our offerings, the said YOU WILL NEVER LACK PETROL IN YOUR CARS AND THERE WILL ALWAYS BE FOOD ON YOUR TABLE! "And as incredible as it may sound, a week later the price of fuel dropped and prices of basic necessities also dropped and by the end of this month, the price of cooking gas dropped almost 50%. These were things that were worrying the people, including the government.

In light of all these things, I can not keep quiet. Praise God for your life. We are grateful that you came to Mozambique.

This is all I have to say for now and I thank you for your attention.

From Custodio Muchanga, Mozambique

Divine healing

I greet you servant of God, daddy and in the Name of God. I want to encourage each and every one that there is Healing power in the Holy communion. I was not feeling very well yesterday and as a matter of fact got worst in the evening. I felt body pains all over and my body temperature was also up. I was by then listening to your podcast message on how to make prophecies work and when it got to the Holy communion I agreed in faith for healing so I took it when you also declared that all sickness are flushed out by this cup of blessing. I say to the glory of God that after this my temperature dropped and my body pains were no where to be found. I thank God that through your podcast message and ic declaration my life is getting better and better everyday. Lest I forget, whiles listening to the same podcast you enlightened me to the fact that my Greatness is linked to me having many international friends of which I say to the glory of God that even foreigners I do not know of are now inviting me to come and preach and impart the word of God unto their generation. Someone in Uganda i don't know has requested and as a matter of urgency to visit them on September Godwilling to preach unto them in crusades they are lining up. They have promised to take care of everything. I thank God for this opportunity and I'm grateful unto Him for who am I that HE IS SO MINDFUL OF AND VISITETH ME.....

From Samuel B, Ghana

Divine visitation

When Dag arrived in Mozambique on April 8, God visited me in a dream and told me what Dag came to establish in our nation!

The came to establish the light of God in Isaiah 60: 1. God has lit the light in this nation; In the dream I saw the with 6 lamps on his feet, each lamp that the touched with his foot lit up and represents 5 cities where God wanted to visit through the life of the ..

God explained to me that the visit of Dag has brought the cloak of wisdom onto the nation so that every ministry may be revived, there is no revival without wisdom. Because wisdom comes to preserve what God will do in the revival! Thank you for the opportunity to tell you what God told me! Thanks to Dag for bringing God's visitation to this nation.

From Stella José Nhambio, Mozambique

Great deliverance

My name is Abigail Phronesis Esinam Apau
I'm a student at Garden city university college pursuing Degree in Midwifery
Level 400

I'm an Elder and a dancing star.

My testimony is about how God delivered me from a demonic attack through Daddy's book *Blood Power.

On Tuesday 25th April I was attacked by 6 armed robbers on my way to the hostel from rehearsal. I decided to sleep off my worries and at mid night, I was attacked again. This time in my sleep by six people , I actually saw their shadows. One was strangling my neck, another hitting my back and abdomen. Infact I felt pain all over and I began to mention Jesus'name as I stretched out my hand to touch the blood power book, it was difficult because I felt a resistance and weak. I kept mentioning Jesus' name,which also was difficult because the evil spirit has forced something like a gizzard into my throat whiles I kept trying to touch the book which was at the end of my bed.

By the grace of God I was able to touch it and as soon as my hand touched the book I heard a loud shout NO. Immediately all the six people with their shadows flew away like birds. I sat up on my bed and took and began to thank God. I believe got delivered through the power in the book.

Thank you Daddy for this powerful book through which God has used to save my life. God richly bless you with long life to write more powerful books!!!!

From Abigail Phronesis Esinam Apau Accra